Saturday, December 19, 2009

reworking the plan

i really like giving presents. the whole thing makes me happy, right down to selecting the perfect wrappings.

i had some pretty grandiose plans for holiday giving this year, but the reality of the ever-approaching deadline has forced me to accept defeat. it was a really nice idea to hand knit outerwear, paint unique, personalized paintings, and intricately bead jewelry for everyone ever. but you know what? i was making myself crazy. plus, my list of recipients is much longer this year than ever before, which makes my over-ambition all the more ridiculous. so i am now scrambling to come up with acceptable alternatives, and prioritizing people i know i will be seeing first.
(above is a montage of some of last years gifts)

1 comment:

annapate said...

oooh i see my knitted radish, strawberry, beet, kitty toy broach up there. i love that thing ♥

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