Friday, December 11, 2009


i am totally fascinated lately by lady gaga, both as a person and as a performance artist. she is so unabashedly crazy, to the point where it you start to think maybe she isn't crazy, maybe everybody else is crazy and she's completely sane. and whoa, i just really respect that.

read a new LA times article about her here. whatever you think of her theatrics, you gotta admit that even without all the glitz and glam and amps and back-up, she really can sing (and writes all her own songs, too).


Hyla said...

I LOVE Lady Gaga as an artist and I person.

jiorji said...

i love lady gaga. I hate how the media makes her seem to be this crazy psycho person. I think more artists should feel comfortable enough to express themselves the way she does. But i think she's a performance artist as opposed to an entertainer. And i hate how the media wants EVERYBODY to look the same...blonde and fair skinned and all the ladies sing the same tune "i'm independent and i'm an individual and a feminist". Yes Shakira, can you then explain to me WHY you're looking like any other random American chick with your blonde hair? haha ok...back to the topic. I like Gaga.I think she's unique..but i thought she seemed a bit vulnerable and scared on that Walters interview. I would be too!!!

Lizzie said...

jiorjo, i agree - barbara was kind of out of line with the sexuality questions - if another celebrity said she liked men, would barbara have kept probing and asked "ok, but have you HAD SEX with them!?" I think no.

annapate said...

I have been a total fan her outrageous fashion sense and am pleasantly surprised that she is smarter and more thoughtful than I expected.

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