Tuesday, December 8, 2009

you have a place here

maybe my favorite thing about my trip to lincoln nebraska was this awesome bookstore/coffee shop/social enterprise called indigo birdge books. in the center of the bookstore area is this giant fabric tree sculpture, all aglow with twinkle-lights.

and over by the coffee shop area is a large table where they host a daily meal of homemade soups and breads, which is donation based and open to anyone - you get a little envelope with your bowl of soup, and give what you can. (click the image below to read the full explanation)


Lori said...

I want to go to there! :)

Jessica Jo said...

What a nice idea! I like that table thing. I would go like once a week at least!

Jeni said...

Yes, the tree is awesome. And of course, I love Indigo Bridge and The Table (which I go to constantly), but I take issue with this being your "favorite thing" about your trip to lincoln.... Second favorite thing, sure.

Hi, I'm Helen ^_^ said...

Such cozy happy place. Very heartwarming concept.
Wish we got something like that here. Thanks for sharing.

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