Saturday, December 19, 2009

hypothetically, of course

i just wanted to share this article i enjoyed today by mindy kaling (writer/producer/actress on the office). the idea of imagining your potential family, making plans and considering decisions you don't (yet) have to make -- i find it all very sweetly relatable. i am a big planner, and i'm not going to lie... my friend jeni and i have embarrassingly frequent conversations about the strengths and weaknesses of potential baby names for our hypothetical children. we can talk about it for ever, and have even gotten in some almost-fights because, evidently, we both have extremely good (i.e. similar) taste in baby names, and our hypothetical future babies can obviously not be named the same hypothetical name. that would just be silly.

and here is the cutest picture of a baby i have maybe ever seen, which i found while searching for sweater patterns (i'm totally sold on this sweater, in addition to this baby).
also, as long as i'm imagining hypothetical scenarios, mindy kaling is my imaginary BFF.

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Meg said...

My three sisters and I used to do that all the time - imagine what name we'd call the child we would one day have with the boy of our affection, and how that name would sound with his last name.

It was a fabulous moment when my boyfriend told me the name of his son and I didn't have to cringe (I am a huge name snob). His son's name is Zephyr. Isn't that just the best??

(And even better than his great name, he is an awesome kid.)

I'd love to hear what kind of names you like.

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