Friday, November 20, 2009

now is the winter of our discontent

the other night some girlfriends and i went to see the chicago shakespeare company's production of Richard III -- partly because we like plays, but mostly because the earl of richmond was played by our friend brendan, who is basically the awesomest actor (and also singer, why isn't there more singing in shakespeare?).

also, this is the opening line of the play - i hadn't known that the phrase "winter of our discontent" originated from this play (but no, i didn't think it originated with ethan hawke):

"Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York;
And all the clouds that low'r'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried."

oh, shakespeare, you kind of give me chills.

on a much more inappropriate note, can i just say OMG men in TIGHTS. did men really wear tights like this, or is dressing men in TIGHTS just some sort of secret/brilliant shakespearean marketing maneuver?


Fern said...

WOW! This post makes me want to take a trip to Manhattan & watch Broadway plays - that the only time in my life I've ever seen plays. SO wonderful to experience :) Thanks for sharing.

sara said...

hahaha, men in tights. sigh.

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