Thursday, November 5, 2009

i don't feel that i need to explain my art to you, warren.

tonight luke put on empire records, and i had an extreme flashback to 7th grade. empire records was part of a rotation of about 5 or so movies that were watched repeatedly by my adolescent self, to the point that some of the tapes (yes, i'm talking VHS) stopped working. entire scenes were memorized. soundtracks were purchased. outfits were mimicked. lines were quoted. and to this day when i see one of those movies i feel like i am 13 and angsty and up in my bedroom, curled my papasan chair in the soft glow of my lava lamp (yes, i really had a lava lamp).

so here is a list of memorable movies of my adolescence to which i am hilariously attached:

empire records
joe versus the volcano
reality bites
romeo & juliet
pretty woman
when harry met sally
groundhog day
dirty dancing
wayne's world
a league of their own
french kiss

i'm sure i'm missing some, but even so, that list makes me totally happy.
damn the man. save the empire.


Jessica Jo said...

i love you for this, just so you know.

Ashlee said...

I love Empire Records! I still randomly quote it and it drives my husband nuts that if I happen to see it on, we watch it!

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