Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tour of anna's studio

i like living in the city, but since space is at a premium, it isn't often possible to have a giant studio space all to yourself (my kitchen table and a stack of storage tubs is the closest thing i have to a studio space currently). but now that my friend anna moved to a house in iowa, she has lots more space, including this lovely studio/heaven. look, enjoy, and be jealous:


Knotted Nest said...

that's a great looking studio space. Lots of natural light!

I just stumbled onto your lovely blog. And I'm so glad I did!

Erica said...

nice! I love her studio! I am very happy with mine! I DO wish I had that wonderful wood floor!

annapate said...

so funny you should post this today. I just changed absolutely everything around in there last weekend! So of course, it no longer looks anything like it does in these photos :) i should send you new pics, cause it's sooo much more organized now. LOVE u.

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