Sunday, October 11, 2009


i'm back from iowa and adjusting back to real life, where it seems the shift from fall to winter is already in the air.

i collected these acorns just a few days ago, but now it's turned cold and windy and it's starting to get dark earlier and earlier, all of which make me feel a bit lethargic and sad. so, i am trying to focus on seeing the positive side of the seasonal-shift. what is the positive side, you ask? sweet potatoes. and squash. and soup. and hot tea. ALL THE TIME. i am going to try this easy-looking squash recipe this week...


erin said...

i just wanted to let you know that i tagged your blog for a game/blog award. it's at the bottom of my last entry:

sweetgeorgiabrown said...

good call looking to the positive. its amazing how fast the chill can go from crisp and refreshing to Death and Dying. here in augusta we're in our zigzag phase. yesterday was sunny 80s. today is downpour 60s. that'll do. stay warm! xoxo

Revlis Queen said...

don't forget hot chocolate and fires! (my SAD is kicking in fast here though...)

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