Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kaj Franck

When I was in iowa last week, I spent a day at the thrift stores/antique malls looking at fun vintage things. I made a few purchases, too, including this pretty enamelware bowl by finnish designer kaj franck.

Isn't the mushroom pattern adorable? In doing a little research about the designer, I found a photo of another one of his bowls, and fell way way in love with it. Look at the yellow! And the cutie cute design!

And guess what else? He was also the designer of this heart bowl, which is wild because my mom definitely had some just like this when I was a kid. Mom, what ever happened to those???


PonderandStitch said...

Those are all so great! The yellow one is the best, for sure...

Anonymous said...

it's actually in the laundry room on a shelf!
<3 ---love, mom

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