Friday, October 23, 2009

happiness is...felted acorns

i love acorns. once, a little girl told me i reminded her of an acorn. i thought that was the sweetest thing ever, and while i sometimes wonder what exactly about myself is reminiscent of an acorn, i mostly just bask in the glory of being compared to such a lovely object.

check out the etsy shop trudeluxe to see these adorable fall acorn babies. they are needle felted and wear real acorn caps (plus, check out the artist's profile for her inspiring story).


Bonzai Beadwear said...

those are adorable!

PonderandStitch said...

I've always loved felted acorns- I think they are so adorable...I've never owned any, though! I should maybe break down and get a few. ;)

annapate said...

I saw these on Etsy the other day, thought of you and added her to my favorites ♥

Meg said...


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