Sunday, September 13, 2009

an adventure

in wicker park there is this old elevated railroad track that people are trying to get made into a park. but right now it's just an abandoned track that people sometimes walk along. technically i think this might be trespassing, but it's neat and exciting maybe because of that.

there is no staircase or anything to get up to it, so you have to be creative and climb around a bit to get up there. and once you're up there, it's a little bit like, "hmm. imaybe i didn't think this through - i am now on this elevated path over the city and what if there is no way down?" and for a minute it seems like maybe there isn't, and maybe you have to live up there forever because there is no way down.

of course, eventually there was a precarious but doable route back to street level, which involved scaling about 12 feet of dirt and then wedging between a fence and a wall.

all of this made me feel like i was pretty brave and scrappy. also, when you're up there on the elevated track, you can see lots of stuff you might not otherwise see, like this puppy swimming in a kiddie pool.


gportelli said...

oh lizzie, so brave.

annapate said...

well aren't you little miss adventure.

Revlis Queen said...

New York turned one of their old elevated tracks in to a park- it's really nice! check out the highline:

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