Saturday, August 22, 2009

you don't have to change at at all

my sister and i spent some quality time this evening listening to music from our childhood that i randomly have on my computer. this led us to youtube to seek out more, and before you know it, we were watching clips of free to be you and me and singing along like we were 5 - when we proudly owned the book AND the cassette tape. here are some clips we found from the 1974 tv special. this might be part of the reason that we both turned out to be such raging liberals...

we really got a kick out of the last clip, where marlo thomas is talking to some kiddos about what it's like to have siblings. where are those kids now??? they were awesome. especially the one with the hilarious glasses. we loved how the one girl said her brother loves her lots and lots, but only tells her when she's not around. precious.

(also - yes, that is a young michael jackson in the second clip. isn't it sad/ironic that he is singing about not changing yourself and being great just as you are?)


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Kimberly said...

That blonde girl reminds me of Woody Allen for some odd reason.

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