Sunday, August 2, 2009

yoga to go

this morning i got up bright and early to go to a yoga class in the park. all i have to say is thank goodness i have monica to make sure i do fun/active summer things. i was out late at anna's going away party last night, and would have probably slept all day had i not pre-agreed on our yoga date. i have had my yoga mat forever (at least 10 years) and have never had a special yoga bag for it. but walking to the park today it was rather unwieldy, and i saw other yoga-doers with cute mat bags, so i convinced myself to take the plunge (it's not a very big plunge, it turns out -- these are only $10 - $15). i'm leaning toward the orange because... i like orange. but i think a side-zippered bag is more practical for shoving a sticky mat into. the eternal question: fashion or function?
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1 comment:

Gidgetty said...

and on the day you made this decision we ate at orange....just sayin'. But side zipper does make sense....hmmm...

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