Thursday, August 27, 2009

italian landscape lovliness

do you ever think about owning more original art? i think about it a lot. specifically, i think about how i would like to own original art by some of my talented and artsy friends. these are some original oil paintings by my friend tanya harsch, who is a brilliant classically trained painter.

she studied for several years in italy, and now paints and teaches here in chicago, lucky for me. i have been wanting to buy one of her landscapes for a while now (they were done in and around florence), and tanya just recently set up an etsy page with some of her original works. i am contimplating which i love most...

as you can see, it's quite a hard decision.

(if you like these, definitely check out tanya's shop, and go to her webpage to see more of her work)


PonderandStitch said...

Her work is great!! I looked at her shop and can't pick a favorite.

annapate said...

i like cabbage and lettuce followed closely by elephant.

Gidgetty said...

Holla for ya girl!!

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