Friday, August 14, 2009

away to a wedding

i'm off, bright and early, to go to my friend grace's wedding in minnesota. grace and i lived together for two years in college. we had busy, sometimes oppocite schedules, so most of our talks usually happened late at night, often while we ate some of her famous sesame noodles and tried on clothes and other things. several of these talks touched on her plans for her someday-future-wedding and what it would be like - who would come, what the music would be like, what kind of dress she might get... and now here we are - it's happening today, and i have a feeling it will be just as lovely as she hoped.

(image via here)


gportelli said...

have fun. let's hang out next week.

the Lost Earring said...

Beautiful photo. Enjoy the wedding :)

Revlis Queen said...

oh my god! where is this tree?? i want to see it and sit on it's branches and love it.

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