Saturday, July 4, 2009

world rivers project

i'm pretty excited to share this project with you all...

i am always interested in community art endeavors, both for the process and the final product. i have been involved in several community art projects, but never any on such a large scale as this one.

the world rivers project, organized by artist lee tracy, is an example of involving the global community in a piece about "the provision of water, our attitude towards it and the changes it is undergoing". people from all over the world dip pieces of white fabric into their local rivers, then send the fabric to tracy, who adds it to a large scale, pieced-together curtain. each piece of fabric is tinted by the color of the particular water in which it was soaked, making a curtain of sometimes subtlely, sometimes dramaticly different shades. below is some of the documentation of the fabric-dipping from participants all over the world.


elsiee said...

What a wonderful project!

gportelli said...

where do i comment on the new title picture? nice change of pace.

Revlis Queen said...

wow, i love it. very powerful. i hope someone sends one from Cleveland- their river catches on fire.

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