Thursday, July 23, 2009

one link, and two things i learned

ok, so my friend joseph is moving to iowa in a few weeks because he got an awesome new job that he couldn't refuse, even though i really wish he had. as part of the getting-ready-to-move-process, he is having an art sale (did i mention he's an artist? he is.). he is trying to lighten the load by selling off some of his fab creations for cheap, and he is doing it online, because he is totally tech-savvy like that. here is the link:

also, two things i already suspected, but have recently officially confirmed:

1. i do not have tuberculosis
2. bruno is a pretty terrible movie

1 comment:

shells said...

I'm sorry your friend is moving away, it sucks when that happens. My 3 closest friends live in LA (I live in Australia) cos that's where their band is based. I miss them sooo much! But I'm happy for them too, cos it's where they need to be and they're happy =D

I'm very glad you don't have tuberculosis! And I believe you that Bruno is awful - I never want to even see it.

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