Friday, July 3, 2009


this week my sister moved back to chicago and into her new apartment. until now, she has always lived at home or in student housing, so having her own apartment is kind of a big deal. today her mattress arrived, and now she is busy organizing her closets, choosing color schemes (the first decision was the kitchen: blue and white), and making frequent trips to bed, bath & beyond.

things are settling down a bit, but watching the whole process really reminded me of how horrible moving is - the stress, the cleaning, the logistics, the anxiety of being so unsettled... it sort of made me never want to move again ever. i heard a saying once - something like "the only things worth worrying about are death, divorce, and moving". it sounds a little unbalanced, but a quick google search of that phrase returned this article about why moving actually is such a big life stressor.

anyways, hopefully most of the stress is behind her now, and she can focus on fun things like decorating. these are the napkins i made her as a housewarming gift (they go with her color scheme, see?). the image is a screenprint of a sprig of berries i found and photographed a while back.

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Erica Leigh said...

yes, decorating is the best thing that results from moving! and those napkins are adorable--i'm sure your sister will like them. :)

anyway, you've been tagged! share 10 facts + tag 10 others. ♥

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