Tuesday, June 16, 2009

summer thoughts

today is rainy and dreary, but i'm thinking of summer and wishing i had a balcony or outdoor space like this:

and loving this summer garden idea (from here):

right now i am baking some yummy artichoke dip for a potluck tomorrow. it's smelling delicious, so it will be hard not to gobble it up myself tonight...

also, my work was featured over at mrXstitch yesterday - thank you to the lovely author of the post, bridget.


Pixie's Purpose said...

Cool stones. I like that idea.

annapate said...

OMG, you're famous. you have admirers and everything.You've been referenced on several sites as being most awesome. HELLLLLO Target,are you listening???!!

Lizzie said...

good point anna. Target executives, if you are out there, i hear you have lots of money and think you should probably use some of it sponsor my blog. think about it?

trinsch said...

love those stones! and congrats with the mentioning of your work :)

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