Wednesday, June 3, 2009

out of hiding?

i just read this article about the awesome/anonymous guerrilla street artist banksy. the article talks about a possible self-portrait that may reveal his identity. here is a great little video about banksy and his elusive nature...

and a separate issue: i have been contemplating the appropriate response to the job interview question "what are your salary expectations"? i am terrified of negotiating. the thought of it makes me want to run and hide. but i am also terrified of having a masters degree and tons of student loan debt and only being paid 25k a year. suggestions?


Kate8085 said...

We have a book with some of his work in it, love it!
When we were in London, there were lots of repro's of his stuff at the Camden Market.

Jessica said...

As a semi-recent grad school grad, I think it's very important, and expected, to negotiate (albeit terrifying). Try to avoid the question until it's actually an offer. If you can't avoid it, say you're "negotiable" and interested in learning more about benefits, etc. Once it gets to an offer, counter with something higher, even just a couple thousand. I got my requested salary without any back and forth which I guess means I lowballed myself!

good luck. I love banksy.

Beefranck said...

Hi! I'm a recruiter, so I might be able to offer some help on the salary question.

You probably have an idea of what you want and what is the normal salary range in your field. Think about 1) what you really want to earn 2) the least amount you would be comfortable earning and keep those numbers in mind when negotiating. Depending on how interested you are in the job, the numbers might change. Don't be afraid to ask for what you think you are worth, but in the current economic conditions it's always good to follow up your number with the indication that you are open to discussing the salary range.

Phew. Also, I really love your blog. :)

Megan said...

Discussing money is really hard, but it's important to be strong about it so you don't get screwed.

Figure out the range you are willing to accept in order to live comfortably (and do some research about what people in your field generally make). Make sure you give them a number higher than what you want (I'd say at least 5k higher), because they will always try to make you lower it.

It's risky to say you are negotiable, because then they will definitely try to work you down to a lower salary.

Above all, stand your ground, and don't accept anything too low. You are worth it!

Jenell's Jewelry said...


When asked that question during interviews, I tell them honestly, that this is what I ideally would want. Usually I give them a range, between "this amount & that amount," but it's negotiable. Just make sure that what they offer you is what you can live comfortably on. Unless its a job you really want, it wouldn't be worth it to take a job that doesn't pay you enough to live on.

I hope that helps some. Don't be nervous discussing salary expectations. Always tell them exactly what you want, but that you are willing to negotiate.

elsiee said...

I like the idea of YOU being the one to broach the subject first! (Ballsy I know) When I was job hunting for my first therapist job I did a little research (I found out what people's starting salary had been at their agency/job- it's amazing how much more comfortable people are telling you what their starting salary was as opposed to what they make now!) Any way as soon as it was my turn to "any questions" I would always ask - "what is the starting salary range for this position" and wait... and if I had to negotiate I felt a little more prepared because of the information gathering I'd already done I would be able to say - "my understanding is that starting salaries for this position range from $ - $".
I guess I just like to feel a little bit more in control of that part of the interview, it reduces my stress level...
good luck can't wait to read about how it's going for you!

Lizzie said...

wow! thank you for your thoughtful words and wisdom. you are so helpful. even though i'm super nervous, i think i can say something like "i was hoping for something in the __ range, but am really interested in this position and think we can work something out". is that not firm enough? or too forward? oy. seriously, just thinking about it makes me queezy.

jennb said...

Here are some basic tips:

First figure out a realistic range of financial compensation for the position and the value of your skills, education, life/work experience, etc.

Ideally, the employer will state their salary range. However, your ranges may not overlap or you may have to put your figure out there first. If so, you can say "I am really interested in this position and believe I can provide you a tremendous value in the __ range."

Then practice and be comfortable with a little (or a lot of) silence.

Good luck with the salary discussions!

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