Monday, June 1, 2009

ok friends, give me some answers.

i had fun today in my fibers/screenprinting class. i got into a groove and was pumping stuff out. i am thinking of buying some plain canvas grocery bags to print on, just for fun (and so i don't have to use those horrible plastic bags). but i want them to be cheap. does anyone have an idea for a source - online or otherwise? also, how does one become a textile designer? because i think i would love that. i have another job interview tomorrow, and if i don't get it i might seriously look into this.

in other life news, yesterday i went to lunch with tanya and got this fortune. friends, have you been holding out on me? because now is not a good time to be withholding the answers i seek. ok?

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Megan said...

I know craft stores have blank tote bags, but they are probably between $10-20. If you want something cheaper you probably have to look online at a wholesale store (like this:

Fabric design would be awesome. I'm not sure how to get into it, but I know there is a cute fabric store in my neighborhood that has screen printing classes and beautiful fabric. Maybe they would have ideas?

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