Tuesday, June 23, 2009

apartment love

i'm a big fan of this house tour. i like that some of the little knicknacks, photos, and personal items are out in the open rather than hidden away to decrease clutter. i really appreciate the kind of "clutter" that makes a space feel lived in. my only complaint is that there is quite a lot of white - i usually prefer pairing light walls like these with some wood furniture for contrast. or perhaps a painted wall in the kitchen would offset the lovely white table and cabinets? or maybe its perfect just as it is, and i'm just being weirdly picky today because i had a frustrating day in the studio(?).

1 comment:

feyzadem said...

Hi Liz :)

I saw your post today, so soft and so lovely , i like to look all decoration ideas ...
This blue grey, kanepe is perfect !!!
Sorry my poor english :)

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