Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a house i like

i like a lot of things about this space. it is unique and homey and feels like people actually live in it, unlike a lot of the showroomy houses i see. i like how this bedroom is calm and relaxing but not boring or sterile feeling. it is low-key while still being visually interesting - the calm blue and white are spiced up with artwork, an unusual lamp, and houseplants.

i like the bold color and pattern choices here, as well as the pottery and light fixture. i get a good idea of the owner's eclectic taste from this image.

i think the open shelving is so lovely in this kitchen. it feels open and clean and airy (but i do wonder - would your dishes get dusty if they were just out in the open like that?).

this bedroom is totally my style. neutrals with pops of warm colors, great natural light, and a variety of interesting textures and patterns.

images from meredith kleinman's home (via here)


thehangingflower said...

OH that's a dream!

kim* said...

i wanna live there :) the first one especially.

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