Thursday, June 4, 2009

fictional feminists

i just read this list of feminist characters on tv. there are many strong women characters on tv, but it is interesting to see how few fictional characters actually verbally identify themselves as feminists. and it is quite disappointing that they are all caucasian (wait. is lisa simpson caucasian?).

i grew up watching (and reading) anne of green gables and pippi longstocking, who were some of my favorites and could definitely be added to this list. also, daria and claire huxtable came to mind. can you think of others?


gportelli said...

how about buffy the vampire slayer?

libu said...

yeah Pippi! I didnt see the movie. I prefer the book illustrations. I guess you could consider the women super hero characters..

Meg said...

I heart Tina Fey. Thanks for the list!

Megan said...

Omg, Ii love pippi! I still have a pippi movie poster from my childhood.

Lois Lane for sure.

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