Monday, May 18, 2009


i am still in a frenzy of post-graduation chaos. i am slowly processing it all - what i am doing next, what i need and want to accomplish now that i'm no longer a student... how to stay in touch with my classmates, how to find a job... so many things, really.

in the mean time, my sister is staying with me for a few days. today we walked and shopped and went to a bbq and anna's, among other things. there will be more shopping and eating and tv watching (because -- yay! the bachelorette is premiering tomorrow - and i'm super excited. if you didn't know, terrible tv is my not-so-secret vice in life).

in other news, i made this doll about a year ago and wrapped it with string as part of a demo for a client. i rediscovered it recently, and didn't like the mummy-look of it, so i decided to take off the string. when i was cutting it off, i just loved how it transformed... it was like it was coming out of it's cocoon-sweater. or like it had little wool angel wings.


Meg said...

If the unwrapping of that doll isn't a metaphor, I don't know what is.

Congratulations Lizzie! We're all so thrilled you're taking us on this journey with you. xx

TheEclecticElement said...

Omg. I was just about to point out the metaphorical significance of the doll when I saw Meg's comment! Lol
Great minds think alike :D

I'm sure whatever you are going to do with your life is amazing.
You don't have to know right away though-Explore a little bit and see what you like and dislike.

When you find something that your heart says is for you, then follow your heart(as corny as that sounds).

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