Friday, May 22, 2009

a sad thing

i've learned recently that Artworks (a community based arts studio and the site of my first art therapy internship) will likely be closing this summer due to lack of funding. everyone involved is trying to do what they can to fundraise, and one of my former co-workers made this video to raise awareness about the need for community based art centers.

as you can see, the little space that Artworks has is being utilized to capacity, and is always packed with a diverse group of people engaged in making and sharing their numerous projects with each other. it is open to all members of the community and it is particularly vital to those marginalized due to mental illness and/or poverty.
i'll be so sad if it does have to close...


artsharyne said...

Good morning Lizzie

I've enjoyed reading your blog but sad to read of your funding probs.

I set up a program here in Sydney over 10 years ago for homeless & disadvantaged young people called Artworks. I believe it's still running. Funny how small the world is sometimes!

My littlest daughter is Lulu. She is beside me & trying to see the "Lulu bird" LOL!

Cheers & best wishes

Meg said...

Oh no! The video isn't there any more.

Lizzie said...

hi sharyne - what a coincidence! does your Artworks have a web page? thank you for you kind wishes...

meg- thanks for the heads up - i fixed the video!

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