Friday, May 1, 2009


the other day i had a lovely long video chat with jeni, one of my dear friends from college who now lives in new york with luke. then yesterday i got a sweet email from adam, one of my oldest and bestest friends who lives in madison. a couple years ago we were all living in madison, which was heavenly. here is a picture from some of our hanging out.

there is video of this sing-along somewhere, which i hope for the sake of my pride will never ever surface, because, seriously? i am a terrible singer. what makes it worse is that since i went to a college with a large music conservatory, many of my friends are professional-level singers. so my incompetence at tune-carrying really stands out.

but the point is, i *love* them. and miss them.

also, adam asked me to share this photo here - i don't know where he found it, or what the mysterious blue substance is, but it's pretty cute. plus, he asked really nicely.

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Love your I assume that "blue goo" washed right off..Or maybe he just wanted to be a Smurf for the day:)

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