Thursday, May 14, 2009

leaving is hard

yesterday was my last day with my student-clients at my internship site. it feels weird to leave, and scary to realize i am now officially out in the real world, on the job hunt with oh-so-many others. i will miss being in the school environment. it is so colorful and curious and full of energy.

this is only one of several endings i am experiencing this week. i turned in my thesis, had my last class on tuesday, and tomorrow my MA show opens. then I graduate on saturday. it is a lot of leaving all at once, and i am not particularly good with change.


Michelle said...

I'm no good with change either! Especially when so much changes at one time! Best of luck!

AMIdesigns said...

That is a lot of change at once and I don't think anyone likes change. Good luck with it all and think of it as a new chapter with endless possibilies

TheEclecticElement said...

Congradulations on getting out into the real world :D
I know its scary. I'm still dreading it >.<
But things will happen the way they are ment to happen.
Good luck!

Jac said...

Oh! it sounds like you have a lot happening but change is usually good because it means there are more opportunities and experiences just waiting for you and I'm sure they're all lovely. Good luck for your MA show and congratulations for your graduation - Yay!

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