Friday, May 8, 2009

denial is just a river in egypt

today was our last official day of class. we had the last part of it outside in the sculpture garden, because it was so lovely and lilac-y there.

suellen gave us each a little buddha friend as a parting gift. it was really sweet, and sort of sad, because our supervision class is really close. we will miss each other lots.

but we didn't act like this was really the end. in fact, we are sort of in denial about leaving each other. we already have plans to play bingo on monday, and a potluck rotation is in the works. plus, we're discussing all moving in to a wonderful art therapy castle with a moat and some pet unicorns. so shhh. denial is fine. see? i am almost an official therapist now, and i said so.
(photos by erika)

also, today is laura's birthday. happy day, miss laura... welcome to being 26 :)


TheEclecticElement said...

I love the title of your blog post :D
Endings are always sad, but from sad endings come happy beginnings!!
Those buddhas are too cute.

elsiee said...

The road to being an almost official therapist is filled with endings and transitions - but not many include sweet Buddha friends! Lucky you!! You're going to love being a therapist, it's been my favorite job EVER!!

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