Sunday, May 10, 2009


i got a new comforter cover and it's helping put me in a springy mood. want to see a picture (or three)?

today is mother's day and i'm sad i am not in madison to celebrate with my mom, who is basically like one giant comforter to the bed of my life. is that the most corny metaphor you've ever heard? me too. but i am not going to erase it, because my mom is a lady who appreciates corny. happy mother's day, mama...


Jac said...

Love the comforter - such a nice design - I see why you are feeling Spring like! Mothers Day has already been in the UK, it was back in March - I forget that you have different dates for it elsewhere!

nomadcraftsetc said...

It looks comfy and very inspiring! No wonder you are so talented!

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