Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Clothespin Windchime

I have done a lot of crafts with clothespins, and they are always a big hit with kids. I received a comment on the above photo in my flickr photostream asking for more info on how to make this clothespin windchime. So here it is! It's a pretty simple project - to start, I just painted the pins with acrylic paint in various shades of blue (although you can paint them however you like).

Once dry, I strung them around their "necks" with various lengths of clear fishing line. i triple knotted them - since fishing line can be slippery - then trimmed the ends short. Finally, I attached the ones in the photos to a random metal plumbing part that I had in my "found objects" stash (but I have also used dowels and various other found objects and to string up the clothespins).

They make a lovely soft clinking sound in the wind, but kids often want to keep them inside and use them as a decorative mobile. if you make one, i'd love to see it...


knack said...

this is all of the shades of blue!

Thanks for the tutorial...xo

TheEclecticElement said...

Too cute!
I love love love windchimes.
I forsee myself being one of those old woman who has a garden with a million little chachkis in it. Lol
Including multiple sets of windchimes :D

Rachel said...

So cute! I love this :)

beth engelman said...

Hi, I write a column for my local paper. Can I use this idea (I will give you and your website credit of course)

Thanks so much,

Warmest regards,
Beth engelman

Lizzie said...

hi beth,
that would be great. would you list my blog address as well as my website (
what type of column do you write?

nomadcraftsetc said...

Wow, what a neat idea! Great concept!
You can really go no place but up with that project! My imagination is running wild, just thinking of the possibilities!

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