Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a bug story

growing up, whenever we found a bug in the house my dad would catch it in a jar, take it outside, and release it into its natural habitat. even if the bug was really scary or big, he would always tell me it was just a little bug and was probably more scared of me than i was of it, and then he would gently take it out to the deck or the yard. he would never ever kill anything, not even an ant.

Story from North America from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

one of my awesomest art professors from undergrad posted this video on facebook recently and i la-la-loved it (the song is super-catchy). i watched it and thought - oh, i'm so glad that my dad didn't give me a giant lecture like that when there was a scary bug in my room - he just calmly took it outside...

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gportelli said...

that was super creepy, and also pretty awesome.

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