Thursday, April 30, 2009

the world spins madly on

i feel totally overwhelmed at the prospect of finishing school in two weeks. i am scared i won't see my friends after we no longer have class as an excuse to see each other. i am scared about getting a job, and about how i will pay my student loans. i am worried about getting everything done in time. i'm still scrambling to finish papers, projects, evaluations, my thesis, my artwork for the show... i was thinking about this song by the weepies, who i adore, because no matter what craziness is happening, the world just keeps on going.

i found this video for the song on youtube, and think i should probably find the guy who made it and be his friend.

on a completely unrelated note, at work everyone was buzzing about the research published today regarding a genetic link to autism. i think this is so interesting. read about it and watch video here.


TheEclecticElement said...

I know how you feel. I was there when I graduated high school.
But I'm sure you will be just fine!
That is a great song! Thanks for sharing :D

gportelli said...

don't worry lizzie. we can hang out lots.

thecraftbegins said...

AMAZING! I'm so into stop motion lately and this just scratches that itch.

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