Friday, April 17, 2009

the stickers have arrived

so, i bit the bullet and ordered the stickers i was debating about for my art show in may. i have embroidered about 25 patches with different phrases relating to the kids i work with, and had 8 of them printed as mini stickers that i will hand out at the opening of the show.

they were kind of spendy, but i decided to go ahead and get them because i thought it would be nice for people to take something with them from the "art of connection" show, a little reminder of the words.


addictivecreative said...

People love getting little freebies at art shows, I think b/c it makes them feel like the visit was really worth it. Yes it's sad we can't feel good just because we saw something visually appealing...But your visitors will remember you from those stickers!

gportelli said...

I see the living room is back in order.
i hope my morning sneaking out didn't disturb your sleep. thanks again for the bed and the listening.

Metalsgirl said...

gorgeous davodils by the way - and I love the look of your house! :)

Catherine said...

I think that's a lovely idea, and it will be nice for people to take a little something home to remind them of your show. They look great.

Jac said...

Such a nice idea, so that people have that reminder. I'm sure people will appreciate getting a little gift. I see the daffodils are there in abundance brightening up the room! Sometimes it's the small things that make your heart glad. Have a lovely weekend!

erin said...

That's so kind of you to do that! I am sure people will really like them.

I'm still totally swooning over your living room, and have been since I saw it on the Small Cool challenge on AT. Have you seen this year's entries? There are some really great ones!

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