Wednesday, April 29, 2009


dear blog-friends,

hello! can you help me find a graduation dress? i don't have much time, somehow. graduation totally snuck up on me. i am not prepared for it on several levels. this is one of the shallower levels, but it's still important, because it's fun. i have had a lot of stress lately and am acutely aware that fun is preferable.

i like these ones a whole lot. for some reason i am really feeling the long-dress look. has anyone seen any nice long dresses lately that you could point me towards?

you're the best (hug).


gportelli said...

so far, my vote's for the blue one

Megan said...

Not shallow, important! I like the first two. I recently got an awesome long dress at TJ Maxx. I would definitely check them out and Marshalls, they both have some new cute spring dresses.

Splendid Things said...

I was going to suggest TJMaxx as well. They have very similar style dresses on sale now. Good luck! Jeanette

unicorn farmer said...

I like the blue print. I know i may not be the sharpest dresser anymore, but at one point in my life i wanted to dress people... What have i done?

Gidgetty said...

First can I just say how much I love your blog? Because I do in many ways.

Second, of these three, my vote is for the black one. If you need a shopping partner, I'm in. I've never been in, but you might try Le Dress on Division near Damen. Or noir, also right there. All those shops have had some pretty awesome sales lately.

andrea said...

i like the black one as well. the little circly parts are very liz. though i do sort of wish it were brown or rust colored or something like that. i've not seen you wear much black

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