Friday, April 24, 2009

a rare temperment

i first took the myers-briggs personality inventory in 7th grade, and have since taken it several times, always with the same result. I recently had to take it again for my career counseling class, and again was an INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging), which i learned is rarest of the twelve personality types (at first this made me feel really weird, like no one else thinks the way i do, but i'm over that now). the personality description is pretty accurate, and it's fitting that my type is called "the counselor", since i'm studying to be an art therapist...

here is my "personality profile":

INFJ - the counselor

Your type is best summed up by the word "counselor", which belongs to the larger group of idealists. Only 1% of the population share your type. You are so empathic that you often know what others need before they know themselves. You are a complex person who can deal with complicated issues and people - and almost prefer to, as you love problem solving. You can be something of an idealist or perfectionist, and should try to take yourself a little less seriously.

You are a supportive and insightful romantic partner, encouraging your mate to have dreams and work hard to make those dreams come true. Because you are so creative, you have a wealth of ideas to help them toward those goals. You need harmony so much that you are driven to resolve conflict quickly, as long as the terms don't violate your ethics. You feel the most appreciated when your partner admires your creativity, trusts your inspirations, and respects your values. It is also vitally important that your partner be open and emotionally available - in other words, that they be willing to share themselves completely.

you can take an online version of the personality test here or here.

also, here is a grainy picture of little me with an orange balloon.

happy friday!


trinsch said...

how interesting! and what a cute photo of you as a little girl. wishing you a nice weekend.

parallel-botany said... too, I think. I've only taken these tests online, so I never quite trust the results; but this is the personality profile that most resonates with me, at any rate.

Good to know I'm not the only one!!
Have a lovely weekend :)

Gidgetty said...

I'm glad you posted these! I just took one and it says I'm ENFJ....teacher. Ha! So much for questioning my career choice.

jess@thehomebound said...

Just found your blog through flickr. I wanted to go to school for art therapy. How interesting and exciting that this is your passion!

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