Sunday, April 5, 2009

photobooth party

remember when i posted about my love affair with photobooths? well, today i got to partake in all kinds of photobooth love when i went to center portion in logan square, where the "international photobooth convention" was held this weekend. the gallery space was filled with art made using photo strips (including painting, collage, and sculpture), as well as three photobooths (one digital and two vintage) to use. below is some documentation...

here is one of the vintage booths (i love the yellows and browns with the bright red stool):

here is some photo strip art:

here is a snap from one of the vintage booths (showing how very wrinkly my shirt was, apparently):

here is the suitcase full of props for creative picture-taking:

here is the very neat-o poster for the event:

and one more, because - check it out - i haven't even showed you a digital shot yet, and you have to see one because they were specially printed for the occasion:

(psssst: there's even more here)


Katja said...

That looks like so much fun! We don't seem to have those old (or even new for that matter) photobooths anywhere anymore over here in Finland, such a shame.

andrea said...

yes, yes and more yes. your details (and pictures) made me very happy. next best thing to being there. thank you. xo

Debs Crochet said...

I remember those as a kid.I haven't seen one in years.

Dalena Vintage said...

ah! and international photobooth wonderful!

like genius said...

The 2009 IPC was a blast! We had people come and send work from all over the world... US, Germany,UK, Argentina, and more! Too bad it had to end! If you attended the event and want digital copies of images from the digital machine, stay tuned to & Once we catch our breath, we'll be posting the photos and much more! Thanks for coming!

thecraftbegins said...

What, OMG, there's a photobooth convention? I would have FLOWN out there (hell, I would have walked) if I had known. Marking this down for next year.

Chelsea said...

I love vintage photobooths as well. It's always a mission of mine to track them down when I go on vacation. I love them! I love your blog, very lovely! :)

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