Sunday, April 19, 2009

out of hibernation

it was 71 degrees in chicago today, and everyone took to the streets in a mad frenzy to enjoy the weather. it was like the first day out of hibernation. i sometimes forget how many people live in this city, but today it felt so full. the park was crowded, the sidewalks were packed. people were wearing little shorts and spring dresses. the trees were blooming.

i went on a walk and then met some friends at the park. then monica and i went to a kind of fancy dinner and then to shuba's to meet up with another friend. now it is late and i'm tired, but in a good-long-day kind of way. i'm really looking forward to summer. i am so much happier when the sun is around.

i saw this billboard by diversy and broadway. do you think it's an ad for something?

1 comment:

gportelli said...

i don't get the billboard message. let me know if you figure it out.

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