Tuesday, April 14, 2009

on freedom

our seder this past week was lovely, as always, and i wanted to share a bit about the meaning it holds for me. passover is my favorite jewish holiday for many reasons, but mostly what i love are all the little traditions. some are truly "traditional" while many of our own personal rituals have become part our celebration through the years. passover is a holiday i have always been lucky enough to spend with my family of origin as well as my chosen family. it is a holiday that celebrates spring and reminds us to be conscious of the incredible gifts of freedom, family, and the food of the earth. while retelling the story of the jews' escape from slavery to freedom, we meditate on the link between that history and modern-day struggles for freedom and social justice that are all around us. we think about where we came from and the journeys we are all on. we give thanks for the many gifts we have, and offer hope that next year, all will be free. by the end of the night our minds, hearts, and bellies are all very full.

above is a picture of our seder plate on the dinner table, and below are images of some unique seder plates i found online (click for links).

also: this week, president obama held the first presidential seder in america's history. the white house chefs prepared the passover meal (with all the parts, including matzoh ball soup) and the seder was held in the old family dining room. i love this. here is a sweet picture of it:


BrigaBauble said...

Thank you so much for sharing your personal thoughts on your sedar, as well as the pictures of the beautiful plates. I think it's wonderful that Obama hosted the first White House sedar (though depressing that it was, in fact, the first). I love learning about other people's family and religious traditions (having only a few family traditions of my own). And, while totally and completely unimportant, I've been craving matzoh ball soup ever since reading your reference to it. :)


Amber said...

Oh lovely and very eye opening for me...thanks

trinsch said...

a very lovely post. i live in israel so of course this past week has been all about passover, but your post gave some new meaning to this holiday.

Lizzie said...

thank you for your kind comments, all. it means a lot.

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