Wednesday, April 1, 2009

le cutie patootie

you should watch this little french baby tell an adorable, dramatic story about many animal adventures. it's mildly confusing in an awesome little-kid-stream-of-consciousness way, and also kind of long, but just watch a section of it and you'll get the idea. (the idea being: she is soo cute! how are her eyes so big? why is french so pretty sounding? could she get her face any closer to the camera? should i get my hair cut like hers?)

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.


knack said...

I think this little one is so precious...and I want to eat her up!!

Thanks for your comment today! :)

gportelli said...

how do you find this stuff? it has helped me to relax through its adorableness. thank you.

andrea said...

but something was amiss. the popotamus? he decided he would rather kill himself.

somehow, i always knew french children were like this. thank you for providing proof

Lizzie said...

i LOVE when she says things are amiss! and when she says the hippo is allergic to magic. and when she talks about the unjust way that the poor animals are treated.

also, her face at 3:30 when she says how tre horrible the mammoth is.

oh, fun times.

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