Wednesday, April 15, 2009

knitted sweetness

when i used to work at capitol kids in madison, we sold blabla dolls and rattles, and occasionally some of their sweaters as well. blabla is a fair trade company whose products are hand knit by peruvian artisans using natural fibers. they are kind of expensive, but it's because they pay the artisans fair wages and use high quality, non-toxic materials - both of which i wholeheartedly support. their dollies and other items are unbelievably soft and cuddly, and the colors and designs are sweeter than sweet. admittedly, i "had to" buy two dolls (a lion and a little girl) with my employee discount when i was working there. and i'm not giving them to any kids, either. they are all mine, and i heart them.

other favorites are the dog, cat, and monkey, and the amazing bird rattles.


trinsch said...

the hoodies are the cutest!

HipLobesATBP said...

I think the birdies are adorable!

AMIdesigns said...

I don't have a favourite, I love them all!

MagicMarkingsArt said...

How beautiful, the inspirational artists and their work! God bless women!

parallel-botany said...

I just flew over here from the etsy forums. Your blog is lovely, good luck with it!


andrea said...

after much consideration, i think "Trumpet" is my favorite bird

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