Monday, April 13, 2009

in a dream

when i was a kid i always colored outside the lines. i felt like the images always needed something more, so in coloring books i would add all kinds of things to the outlined image - a little purse, some blue hair, a funny hat, a little pet hamster - just all kinds of things. the picture as it was in the book just wasn't enough for me. when i saw this three minute movie i was reminded of my childhood coloring habits, which made me a little nostalgic, and a little bit more in touch with the part of myself that wants to add and create and make things uniquely my own. acknowledging that part of me always feels really nice.

this little film goes along with the full length documentary film in a dream.


elsiee said...

i love blogs and people who "color outside the lines" just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread and now I must follow you!! come on over and visit me sometime:

kim* said...

gota love the hulu

Nikki said...

I lived in Philadelphia for more than 6 years and I just loved Zagar's work. It's ALL OVER the city. My favorite was this space, like an empty lot, that he filled with mosaic. Eventually a Whole Foods moved across the street and a Starbucks and I know that Zagar did not own the empty lot and the owners wanted to sell it and there was a big fundraiser to try and save it. I think they succeeded...

He inspired me to make my own mosaics which I think led me to quilting.

I'm enjoying your blog.

Nikki said...

Sorry-- a much better link to the artwork. Apparently it's called the Magic Garden and they are still fighting to keep it around. This website has a 360 degree view of it. It's fantastic!

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