Friday, April 3, 2009

imovie attempt: little leopard

thanks to some tutoring from shannon, i have learned the basic premise of making imovies. so i attempted to shoot a mini-stop motion imovie the other day, and... well, i think i may need some more lessons.

i've also been sewing still, and have been looking into getting some stickers made with some of the phrases i have embroidered. i would pass them out at the Art of Connection show in may. the problem is, they are kind of expensive (for my grad-student budget, anyways). so we'll see.


LillyShayStyle said...

Your little leopard was too cute!!

raeleneb said...

So cute. Stickers would be awesome; ever thought of making them into vinyl wall words? This site is a pretty cool way to do that:

andrea said...

shannon and i just watched your video. it was too cute. the little peek at the end? adorable!

oh and we liked the music a lot.

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