Saturday, March 7, 2009

umbrella blooms

it is absolutely pouring down rain in chicgao today. the gutters on my street are apparently dysfunctional, so i have my own personal river of rain. my mom is in town and we have been checking the the weather report to see the best times to venture out, but has like 5 words for "it's raining". i figure "showers" is worse than " few showers", but do you think "few showers" is better or worse than " light rain"? and where does "rain/thunder" fit in? or plain old "rain"?, you are not helpful.

i don't know where this picture came from. but I LIKE IT.
(it was in the very full "inspiration" folder on my computer. if you know where it really comes from, let me know so i can credit it properly).
*update * this installation was created by artist sam spenser, and the photo is by jessica rolland.


Gabe said...


Saw this site linked on Ms. Coleman's site. It is a lovely website with lovely things. Hooray!

Funny you should mention that rain words problem--I had the same one the same day trying to decide when to go for a run. I got lucky and found a window of dryness by chance, but was really mystified by the difference between "few showers" and "light rain". They should provide a key of some sort.

Lizzie said...

gabe!!! how are you? i just caught myself up on mr.overbrooke. i am still loving the word bubble exploration... especially the ones from january 5th and december 26th.

you rock.

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