Sunday, March 8, 2009


when i lived in madison after college, i worked at a children's toy and clothing store downtown. this was lots of fun. i got to be around kids and babies everyday, and i got to play with toys. i love toys. like, a lot. i maybe like them more than kids do. specifically wooden toys, handmade toys, imaginative-open-ended toys, and toys made from natural/eco-friendly materials.

i found this one today, and if i had a toy store of my own i would put her and her friends in it immediately. she is a lullabaloo, and her name is lelu. each lullabaloo has a story. here is lelu's:

"Lelu listens carefully to all sides of a story and finds ways to make peace. She wears different colored stripes to remind us that not everything is black and white. We can work towards understanding and appreciating other points of view. When we strive to understand one other, we often discover that we are more alike than we thought."

also, here is a wooden food play-set you can "cut" in pieces. i had something similar as a kid, and it was one of my favorite things (velcro = magic!).


Erin Lang Norris said...

I love toys, too! Wooden blocks were always my favorite, and I had a wooden see-saw for my dolls that I absolutely adored (even though I did't like dolls much...I remember feeling guilty about liking the see-saw but not my dolls). I think I subconsciously knew the value of wood when I was that young. I wish I still had those toys...

I've come really close (really...close...) to buying LOTS of different wooden toys I've seen lately. And I don't have kids. This wooden cut-able food is quite tempting.

Oompa toys opened a location in Middleton recently. I can't wait to check it out!

Amber said...

Oh I love those vegetables and fruit. They are gorgeous..xx

Lizzie said...

erin, there is an oompa in middleton!?!? oh no. i don't have kids either but unlike you, i DO buy toys sometimes. because i am a totally ridiculous human being.

amber, aren't they? their shapes are so cute yet they are also so elegant because of the wood...

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