Saturday, March 14, 2009

saturday afternoon

this morning i slept in embarrassingly late and then took my laptop to argo tea to work on the thesis. it was nice and sunny and everyone was out and about wearing their saint patrick's day gear.

also, there was a group of ladies at the next table over who seemed to be planning some sort of fundraising event, and they caught my attention several times when i heard them mention "art therapy", and heard two of them talking about when they were in art therapy grad school. but because i am sort of scared of talking to strangers and also didn't want to seem like a big eavesdropper, i didn't say anything (like "hey! i do art therapy too! small world! can you get me a job?"). this is why i am a terrible networker.

anyways, all that excitement made it hard to focus on homework. eventually i got going on my actual task at hand, but not before spending a good chunk of time looking at cute kitchens online.


andrea said...

ha! i'm with you. it's like the time i met gussie klorer (after she had just given a really great presentation) and could only manage to stammer out: "uh... i like your necklace."

p.s. lets become pirates/conquerers and go steal the house that contains that kitchen.

Lizzie said...

at least you SPOKE. i lose.

yes, lets take over the cute house. we can have art therapy networking parties there. and can we fill it with puppies?

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