Sunday, March 22, 2009

i heart new york

i just read an article about a 15-year restrospective of jenny holtzer's work, which is on display at the whitney museum in new york through may 31. it appears to be featuring several of the same pieces that were at the MCA show i saw here in chicago this winter. (side note: here is a video clip of jenny holtzer discussing her difficulties working with such troubling subject matter).

this reminds me of all the reasons i want to go to new york. the museums and theaters are calling me... but mostly i'd just like to lay in central park with jeni.


andrea said...

wait! did you bring your jeni friend to see joanna newsom? and was she wearing that polka dotted skirt then? because if so, i liked her. and i complimented her on her skirt. and the fact that she found a shirt to match such a hard to match skirt.

Lizzie said...

yes! you have the best memory. ever.

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