Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dress me up

when i was watching the oscars last week and judging all the famous people's fashion choices, i thought to myself: "self, when was the last time you got all dressed up, like fancy-fancy-in-a-long-dress dressed up?". and do you know what the answer is? my senior prom. like, 9 years ago or something. because when do real people get dressed up in gowns? celebrities do it for awards shows, and really rich ladies do it for fancy charity galas and governor's balls and such. but regular people? never. the fanciest event i can think of attending is a wedding, and i would look like a spazz if i showed up in one of these floor-length gowns. maybe i'm secretly a girly five-year old who likes to play dress up, but i think having an excuse to wear one would be seriously fun.

(dresses by reem acra and monique lhuillier)


papachilalala said...

Let's go crazy at Graduation

Revlis Queen said...

i want to wear one too! madison has that frost ball thing...

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