Wednesday, March 4, 2009

art inspiration: monica canilao

i am in total awe of monica canilao's work. the texture, color, line quality, and overall aesthetic are just exactly right to my eyes.

here is her statement from her website: "Monica Canilao’s interest in the ideas of home, community, and the passage of time are sewn delicately together in her large paper and fabric structures, installations and sculptures. She uses found objects, paper, printing, and fiber to juxtapose the profundity of simply having a home with the ephemeral nature of spaces, community, and life itself. The beautiful privilege of a home, while fortified by a supportive community, is often examined near the hum of the electrical wires or the headlights of bulldozers making way for ‘development’. But Monica keeps things simple: she understands that even the most fleeting moments can be the most poignant ones, and so she is fearless in her use of disintegrating materials such as paper, fiber, love, and hope."

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