Thursday, March 19, 2009

art inspiration: cartography

it might be bad that i discovered the website radical cartography. i could spend hours looking through maps. in addition to traditional land maps, the site also catalogs maps of uranium production, constellations, currency regions, and shopping malls, among many other odd/awesome things. from an aesthetic perspective, i am particularly drawn to a series of maps of the alluvial valley of the lower mississippi river (from 1944).


andrea said...

we are making treasure maps at rice this week. they are SOOO much fun

gportelli said...

your 1st link takes me to this:
Hopf & Wortmann: Liquid Raindrop Pendant Lamp Large.
was that meant for the previous post?

Paul said...

I can see why Andy Goldsworthy is inspired by river bends. Those maps are beautiful. I also like these maps showing the scale of the Apollo 11 landing site compared to a soccer field and baseball diamond:

Paul said...

here is the baseball diamond:

Lizzie said...

thanks gina - i fixed the link.
paul- those maps are fun too, i like scale comparisons... also, the woodland luminaries site looks awesome.

munchies said...

I love those maps! Thanks for sharing :)

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